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Commercial Flooring In San Francisco, CA

It’s no secret that flooring products for commercial spaces are designed and engineered for the next level of protection against spills, scuffs, stains, scratches, and plenty of steps. At Chacon Flooring, our wide selection of stunning commercial flooring products will help keep your place of business pristine and ready for operations. Here’s a quick guide to the benefits of commercial flooring.



Don't just lay a floor - create an experience for your guests as soon as they walk in! High-function, high-style flooring for hospitality spaces is one of our specialties.

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Carpet & Carpet Tiles

With a wide selection of colorful, artistic, geometric, and contemporary patterns to choose from, commercial carpet tile options present a perfect way to add softness and engagement in commercial settings. Carpet flooring and carpet tiles are much easy to install, repair, and transition to a hard surface within the same space. The flexibility of commercial carpet and carpet tiles means less of a long-term commitment and offers innovative constructions and backing systems that enhance comfort, safety, durability for longer life cycles, and soil removal for more effective cleaning.

Commercial | Chacon Flooring
Commercial | Chacon Flooring

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is an excellent option for your commercial space as it is easy to maintain, durable, and has a wide range of looks and styles. No matter the look and feel of your commercial space, there is a fantastic rubber flooring option for you. Contact us today to learn more. 

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