Tile Care & Maintenance

Daily Tile Care

Tile is a very low-maintenance flooring option. But there is a difference between low maintenance and no maintenance. Learn more about best practices in maintaining your tile floors below. 

Sweeping your tile floors is key to ensuring they always look their best. When you sweep, you help to remove dirt and other debris from your tile and the grout. This debris can cause a weathered and shoddy appearance if left unattended. How often you sweep is dependent on the foot traffic the tile receives. 

We also recommend walking mats be placed at the entrances of your home and that you always encourage guests to remove shoes. 

Tile cleaning | Chacon Flooring

Dirt & Spills

Tile is very resistant to spills and stains, so if a spill occurs, the key is to clean up quickly. Wipe up liquid messes with a cloth immediately after the accident to avoid lingering damage to your tile, the grouting, or the subflooring. For solid messes, you can use your broom. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer on approved cleaning solutions.

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Bonus Tips

Tile floors handle water very well and thus mopping is essential in prolonging the lifespan of your tile. How often you damp-mop will depend on the traffic and activity on the tile flooring. It's always good to limit the amount of water on your flooring, so aim for a damp mop as opposed to a soaking-wet one. 

Clean your grouting with peroxide, baking soda, dish soap, and an old toothbrush. 

Tile Care | Chacon Flooring