Laminate Care & Maintenance

Daily Laminate Care

Laminate care and maintenance is a simple process. Learn more about best practices below. 

For daily laminate care, sweeping up dirt and other debris is essential. Sweeping and the occasional damp mopping will help to ensure that your floors look clean and there is no lingering debris to scratch or harm your floors. How often you need to sweep will depend on the traffic the room or rooms receive. 

It is also recommended that you place walking mats at the entrances of your home and that you always remove your shoes before walking on your laminate floors.

Laminate Care | Chacon Flooring

Dirt & Spills

Laminate is tough on solid and liquid spills. When a liquid spill takes place, the key is to act fast. Wipe up liquid messes with a cloth in a timely manner to avoid long-term damage to your laminate flooring or the subflooring beneath. When in doubt, consult your manufacturer for approved cleaning solutions.

For solid messes, sweep them up in a timely manner.

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Bonus Tips

As needed, you can damp-mop your laminate floors to ensure maximum beauty. How often you damp-mop your laminate floors is dependent on the traffic. When mopping, be wary of using too much water, as laminate floors are not inherently waterproof. Aim for a damp mop as opposed to a wet one. 

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