Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Daily Vinyl Care

Vinyl floors are easy to maintain. With that said, some basic care is required to ensure that your vinyl floors look great as time passes. Learn more about how to establish your own vinyl care routine below. 

Daily vinyl care revolves around sweeping your floors regularly. Dirt, dust, and other debris will harm your vinyl floors if left unattended. Dirt and debris can scratch your vinyl and cause it to take on a grungy and weathered look. 

Damp mop your vinyl floors as needed but ensure that your mop is more damp than wet. Vinyl floors are waterproof, but it's never a good idea to leave standing water on your floors. 

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Dirt & Spills

Vinyl floors are low-maintenance, and spills and stains are not a major cause for concern.

For liquid spills, address the mess immediately to avoid lingering damage to your vinyl flooring. The longer you wait, the more likely damage will occur to your vinyl and the subflooring beneath. For solid messes, sweep them up with a broom immediately. Consult your manufacturer when and if you struggle to clean up a specific mess on your vinyl floors. 

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Bonus Tips

As needed, you can damp-mop your vinyl floors to ensure maximum beauty. How often you damp-mop will depend on the traffic and activity on the vinyl flooring. When mopping, be wary of using too much water. Vinyl floors are waterproof but it's best not to press your luck when it comes to leaving standing water on your floors. 

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